About Us

Lay Line acts as an extension of its international suppliers in South America market, offering locally the commercial and logistic support required by the customers, guaranteeing the quality of the services offered by the manufacturers. Lay Line's market know-how and extensive customer database make way for its partner's success in the market, becoming an essential link in the relation between customers and suppliers. Through this operation Lay Line has been establishing solid and lucrative partnerships throughout its history, generating excellent results for all parts involved

Located in Florianopolis, Lay Line's team is focused in being dynamic and efficient, and is qualified to make the interaction between customers and suppliers smooth, agile and focused on results, providing the desired satisfaction with the services provided. Its success is a direct consequence of the success of its customers and suppliers, considered by the team the true reason to be. 

Focused on qualified services and technical support, Lay Line has established itself in the Brazilian technological market throughout the years, offering innovative solutions for new and better businesses. Its customers and market know-how comprehend several industry segments, highlighting Medical, consumer electronics, telecommunications, commercial and industrial automation, automated metering, automotive electronics and information technology.

The company is always seeking for new partnerships with distinct global supplier leaders in their segments, answering to customers’ needs and to the market increasing demands. The diversity of the products and components lines guarantees Lay Line's leadership in its acting markets, always offering new ways for its customers and suppliers success.

Lay Line was founded in 2000 and started its activities in the city of Curitiba, focused initially in the telecommunications market. In 2002 the headquarters moved to Florianopolis and began to act more strongly in other market segments, adding new partners and customers and diversifying its activities. Currently the company is focused into Medical market, but had strong presence in the past at consumer electronics, telecommunications, commercial and industrial automation, automated metering, automotive electronics, information technology, among other industry segments.

The constant quest for improvement in the quality of services and technical support consolidated Lay Line's performance in the market already in its early years. In 2005 the company initiated a management buyout process, and in 2008 became a formal brazilian company, increasing its team and infrastructure to provide the adequate services to customers. This change has set forth its position in the market and since then it has been growing steadily, result of increased confidence, strong partnership between customers and suppliers, and its engagement with local and international distributors.

The dynamism and efficiency of its team, the initiative and quest for constant innovation and improvement, and the focus to follow market trends and customers’ needs, results in innovative and appropriate solutions to be offered to its partners.



Rua Julio Moura, 104, Centro

 Florianópolis - Santa Catarina - Brazil

Mobile: +55(48) 98801-0004