3D imaging system


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3D Augmented Reality

CarnaLifeHolo  is a Mixed Reality MR Software, able to work with DICOM standard diagnostic images. It´s main applications are:


Detailed pre-operatory studies and planning trough the visualization and handling of patients´ diagnostic images


Cururgic procedures support trough 3D Holografic visualization of diagnostic images, with clean environment and handling by voice and gesture commands.
Real Time integration for cardiac procedures

Medicine Studies

3D visualization of internal organs for detailed anatomic studies of the human body and several diseases


3D images projection to support rehabilitation patients treatments

Interaction with the hologram

  • Interaction with the hologram without losing sterility via voice commands and hand gestures
  • Visualisation of internal organs from any angle and at any depth thanks to the cut smart function
  • Zooming of the hologram in and out
  • Possibility to place the hologram anywhere in the room


  • DICOM standard support
  • Holographic visualization of 3D datasets
  • Interaction with holograms using gestures and voice commands
  • Cooperation with hospital PACS systems
  • Tools for defining area of interest (virtual scissors)
  • Presets optimized for different modalities, dedicated filters
  • Possibility of real time data display from GE Vivid E95

Real world case studies



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