Lay Line is a Brazilian representative company for international supplier of electronic components and OEM products. On the South-American business since 2000, focusing on excellence on services and technical support, Lay Line offers innovative solutions for newer and better business for it’s clients and partners.

Lay Line reflects the profile of electronic industry, requiring global suppliers to be present on the local market through highly competitive, solid and reliable representatives who are able to domain the market they are in. The acknowledgement of the market and company’s large networking are the way for its partners success on Brazilian Market. By building a strong partnership with new international suppliers, Lay Line is always looking for new and more competitive solutions to attend the demand from the market, strengthening more and more the partnership with costumers, offering a ways for their products to succeed in the market. At the same time, the high quality of Lay Line’s service guarantees a strong bond of trust between suppliers and customers, which turns into great success for both of them.

Lay Line offers a portfolio of products for its customers’ needs and success made by market leaders suppliers in different industry segments, such as consumer electronics, telecommunications, commercial and industrial automation, metering, automotive electronics and computers.

Solutions offered by Lay Line include power supplies and computer cases and laptops from Apex; Industrial, embedded and in-vehicle computers, PC-104 and HMIs from Acrosser; 900MHz and 2.4GHz Wireless communication modules, Bluetooth, Zigbee and WiFi for industrial and home automation, EMI shields, WISP antennas, WiMAX, Cellular, RFID, VHF and UHF and interface and thermal management products from Laird Technologies; Crystals and oscillators from Sunny; CIs for Video HD, Audio HD and Ethernet distribution, control and potency through cat5e/6 cables from Valens; Sensing solutions from AMS and Passive Components Solutions from Johanson.

We also count with several solutions for Residential Automation and professional Audio &Video from the companies represented by Global AV Network. The extensive product line includes HDMI and HDBT matrix and switches, cables, projectors, screens, HT chairs, wireless video processors, racks, acoustic isolation materials and anamorphic lens.

Acrosser - Apex - AMS - Global AV Network - Laird - Sunny - Johanson - Valens
Av. Desembargador Vitor Lima, 260, Room 908
Florianópolis – Santa Catarina – Brazil
Telephone +55 (48) 3333.1425 - FAX +55 (48) 3333.7108

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